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Roberts Creations, Inc.


company logo
  Roberts Creations, Inc. Producing a high quality furniture is not an easy task. The skilled craftsmen at Roberts Creations, Inc. take great pride in fabricating, quality, custom furniture and cabinetry produced for you at an affordable cost. As owner of Roberts Creations, Inc., I personally keep quality control as well as fabricating some of the more custom pieces.
     Roberts Creations Inc. can personally guarantee high end quality on every piece we fabricate. Roberts Creations Inc. uses solid wood on all components of  furniture, for the simple reason that furniture should last a lifetime. 
  Company Headquarters:
8 A  Clearview Court 
Gillette, WY 82716


I also have a small collection of pictures, showing the wide range of experience I have in this industry. 

Before starting Roberts Creations, Inc. I built such things as a Video Conference Desk for US West Communications.  It was installed on the fifty-second floor at 1801 California Street, in Denver Colorado. Here a couple pictures during installation.